3 Best VPN For Apple Products 2022

As a trillion dollar traded company, Apple has been consistently one of the most productive tech companies in the world. With their flagship iPhone series, Apple has maintained its mainstay as the leading smartphone developer in the world. The best VPN for Apple products is a VPN that should be able to seamlessly integrate between different types of products be it the iPad, iPhone, smartwatch and the Macbook.

Since Apple has a wide range of products, it is imperative that the VPN one chooses is one that will be able to meet the high demands of a select brand. Some of the key considerations for the best VPN for Apple products are the speed, security and customer service. This triumvirate of factors will almost like address any needs you may have in a VPN for any Apple product.

Summary of what makes the best VPN for Apple products 2022

🔽Download speedMost important
🔼Upload speedMost important
🔌Kill switchImportant
🔐Split tunnelingImportant
📞Customer service Great to have

3 Best VPN for Apple Products

  • ExpressVPN – Best overall VPN for Apple products
  • Cyberghost – Best security for Apple products
  • Hide.me – Best Free VPN for Apple products

ExpressVPN – Best overall VPN for Apple products

One of the most trusted VPNs on the market is ExpressVPN. It is one of the most comprehensive and most trusted VPNs available which covers most of anyone’s needs. This is without a doubt one of the best overall VPN for anything on the market. One of the best features that ExpressVPN offers is the speed. ExpressVPN reaches on average up to 105Mbps on downloads as well as upload speeds of up to 25Mbps. These speeds guarantee a hassle free, secure and convenient experience on all Apple products. These speeds also mean that it doesn’t matter which Apple products you choose; it could be a an Apple watch, iPad, iPhone etc. ExpressVPN also comes with a lot of strong security features like split tunneling and a dedicated IP address and DNS leak protection. It also has AES 256 encryption which guarantees extra security.

ExpressVPN Key Features:

  • High speeds
  • Switch tunneling
  • Unlimited server switches
  • AES 256 encryption
  • Split tunneling
  • Kill Switch
  • No logs policy
  • Good customer service

Cyberghost – Best security for Apple products

One of the best VPN security to use is Cyberghost. Cyberghost is one of the most complete VPNs, equipped with a great load of features which make it one of the best for Apple products. It has speeds that rival that of ExpressVPN, as it has download speeds of up to 100Mbps and upload speeds of up to 9Mbps. Cyberghost’s speeds make it very convenient to stream, game and download media as well as surfing and syncing all your Apple product devices. also has family friendly features like a multiple connection device port which can connect unlimited devices. Security is one of the best Cyberghost’s features, with a potent kill switch and a strict no logs policy, makes sure your data is secure and none of your log in details are exposed for snooping hackers.

Cyberghost Key Features:

  • Fast speeds 
  • Low latency
  • Kill switch
  • Reliable connections 
  • Multiple device connection
  • Strict no-logs policy 
  • 24/7 customer service

Hide.me – Best Free VPN for Apple products

Some of the best VPNs to use aren’t always the paid service ones,but also the free ones and in this case the best free VPN to use for Apple products is Hide.me. Hide.me is completely free and it also comes with a myriad of strong features to use which make it great to use for a wide range of Apple products.

Hide.me is also an ideal VPN for most of your streaming needs on your favourite Apple devices. Hide.me comes with incredible connection speeds of up to 95Mbps and 10Mbps on downloads and uploads respectively. Hide.me has a lot of servers you will be able to access content in locations that may not have Apple services meaning that you won’t have a problem with signing in with your Apple ID. Another good reason to select Hide.me is that it boasts some of the best security features like split tunneling, a solid DNS leak protection meaning your data is never leaked and also a kill switch which works great as security in times when you are dealing with a weak service provider for broadband.

Hide.me Key Features:

  • Great and effective speeds
  • Up to 10 simultaneous device connections.
  • 2048-bit encryption with AES-256.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • Unlimited server switches.
  • Split tunneling
  • Kill switch
  • Zero logs policy.

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