3 Best VPN For Overwatch 2022

Overwatch is an exciting online first person shooter game by Blizzard Entertainment. It’s a game in the mould of Apex of Legends, with over 500 000 loyal players across platforms like PlayStation 4, Nintendo Wii and Xbox. Overwatch is one of the leading games in its genre and is also packed with dedicated low cost downloadable content which you can enjoy for cool features like new skins and avatars.

While Overwatch is a free to play for all in most countries, there have been some accounts that were banned due to abuse online. So how would one enjoy Overwatch with a VPN and what are some of the core considerations to make for this? They are as follows: – Speed: This is the bedlam and foundation of very good VPN. You need a fast VPN for almost everything. Good speeds ensure that whenever you’re logged into a service you won’t experience lagging, especially for Overwatch where most of the gameplay is online. So without fail always make sure that your VPN is fast and doesn’t drop in speeds.

  • Server Plurality

There’s no use in having a VPN which isn’t equipped with a lot of servers, this is because you’ll encounter a lot of geo related restrictions. Thus every good VPN you need should have a wide range of servers which can give you the privilege of accessing content from different countries,

3. Security

As mentioned before, Overwatch has had cases wher they’ve been hacked before and therefore it is imperative to get a VPN that has solid security protocols including but not limited to AES 256 encryption, kill switch and split tunneling.

Summary of the best VPN for Overwatch

🔽Download speed Most important
🔼Upload speedMost important
🔌Kill switchImportant
🔐Split tunnelingImportant
🌎Server availabilityGreat to have

3 Top VPN For Overwatch 2022

  • Hide.me – Fastest VPN for Overwatch
  • Cyberghost – Most secure VPN for Overwatch
  • OVPN – Most affordable VPN for Overwatch

Hide.me – Fastest VPN for Overwatch

If you’re avid streamer of games, in this case, Overwatch then Hide.me is the best VPN to use for because it is one of the fastest VPN to use. Hide.me offers one of the incredible speeds for all types of streaming when you’re playing Overwatch or when you’re enjoying multiplayer mode. Hide.me has recorded average speeds of around 80Mbps and 21Mbps on downloads and uploads. This means that you can enjoy an online experience with little to no buffering.

Hide.me also has one of the best VPN server network ranges which makes it one of the best and few VPNs where you can enjoy how other locations enjoy the same service. This effectively means that you’d be able to access geo restricted content from across the world while you are based in a different location. Hide.me also has an IP shuffle to ascertain your anonymity and safety. It also has a kill switch, to protect you for situations when your connection is lost.

Hide.me Key Features:

  • Download and upload speeds of the highest nature
  • Responsive customer service.
  • Kill switch
  • Competent broadband speeds
  • IP Shuffle
  • AES 256 encryption
  • Over +290 servers across the globe

Cyberghost – Most secure VPN for Overwatch

The best overall most secure VPN to use for Overwatch is Cyberghost. Cyberghost is one of the most complete VPNs, equipped with a great load of features which make it one of the best for playing Overwatch. It has speeds that rival that of established VPNs in the market like ExpressVPN or NordVPN, as it has the best download speeds of up to 109Mbps and upload speeds of up to 31Mbps. Cyberghost speeds make it very convenient to stream, game and download your favourite media across platforms like PlayStation, XBox and Nintendo Wii. More to this Cyberghost also has family friendly features like a multiple connection device port which can connect unlimited devices over multiple servers. Security is one of the best ExpressVPN’s features, When it comes to security, Cyberghost has a potent kill switch and a strict no logs policy, makes sure your data is secure and none of your log in details are exposed for snooping hackers.

Cyberghost Key Features:

  • Fast download and upload speeds
  • Double-VPN and Tor-over-VPN servers
  • AES 256 encryption
  • Works with many gaming platforms
  • Multi-hop technology
  • Kill switch
  • Split tunneling

OVPN – Most affordable VPN for Overwatch

In case you are looking for one of the most affordable VPN then choose OVPN. It is one of the most budget friendly VPNs on the market available coming in at around $3.99 a month and packed with a lot of cool features that compliment its price. OVPN has download speeds and upload speeds that ensure a good browsing experience capped at around 90Mbps on downloads and 12Mbps on uploads.

OVPN also comes with over 100 servers in over 20 countries which gives every one of its users flexibility on what they choose to use. It is also embedded with security protocols like an automatic kill switch, a strict no logs policy which is activated when your connection is lost.

OVPN Key Features:

  • High downloads and uploads speeds
  • No registration needed
  • Military grade encryption
  • Split tunneling
  • Website unlocking technology
  • Competent broadband speeds
  • Multiple servers across the globe

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