7 Best VPN For Turkey 2022

Fastest VPN in Turkey

Since the dawn of the COVID pandemic, Turkey has been suffering from it’s own pandemic – slow internet. This alone has been a cause of concern since most citizen’s places of residence as they still use copper infrastructure from 30 years ago. Some speed test data collected ranks Turkey 99th out of 181 countries, with an average internet speed of 38.03 Mbps. With that in mind, one can see that a VPN is needed when you’re in Turkey. Reasons range from mainly speeds, security and multiple server connections as most websites are geolocked in Turkey.

Summary table of what makes a great VPN for Turkey

⤴Upload speedsMost important
⤵Download speedsMost important
👩‍💻Kill switchMost important
📥No logs policyMost important
🌎Numerous serversImportant

7 Top VPN For Turkey 2022

  • ExpressVPN – Fastest VPN in Turkey
  • NordVPN – Best Service in Turkey
  • ProtonVPN – Best Free VPN in Turkey
  • Surfshark VPN – Reliable provider with a great budget
  • iTop VPN – Extremely user-friendly and customizable
  • Private VPN – Great for streaming capabilities in Turkey
  • VPN Unlimited – Excellent for anonymity with different security features

ExpressVPN – Fastest VPN in Turkey

Without a doubt the fastest tested VPN in Turkey is ExpressVPN. It is one of the most welll known VPNs in the world and Turkey is no exception. With an array of features at your disposal, speed is where ExpressVPN truly shines. Using ExpressVPN in Turkey comes with 100Mbps download speeds and 19.27Mbps on uploads. This makes it ideal for streaming, downloading and gaming. ExpressVPN is also perfect for Netflix, Hulu and HBO Max streaming as it has the ability to unlock geo restrictions while maintaining streaming quality of up to 1080p.

ExpressVPN KeyFeatures:

  • Unlocks geo restricted proxy
  • High download and upload speeds
  • Kill switch
  • Connects multiple devices
  • 30 day money-back guarantee
  • Responsive customer support

NordVPN – Best Service in Turkey

If you’re locking for the VPN with the best service in Turkey then NordVPN is the best choice to make. NordVPN has one of the most responsive and efficient customer service support systems. With a connection time of just 8 seconds to an agent and a reply speed of 8 seconds as well, you’re guaranteed to be answered of all your queries. Although NordVPN doesn’t boast high speeds in Turkey (just 10Mbps on downloads and 13Mbps on uploads). NordVPN also comes with geo unlocking features which enable you to be to able to stream content in the United States of America in 1080p quality with minimal buffering.

NordVPN Key Features:

  • Next-generation encryption.
  • Responsive customer service
  • No logs policy.
  • Automatic Kill Switch.
  • DNS leak protection

ProtonVPN – Best Free VPN in Turkey

They say the best things in life are free. If you’re on a budget and aren’t willing to spend money on a paid service VPN then ProtonVPN is for you. With top of the line encryption which has a no logs policy, ensuring that your information isn’t stored on whatever website you log on to. ProtonVPN is also one of the fastest VPN to use in Turkey with download speeds of up to 86Mbps and 26Mbps on uploads. For Netflix lovers, ProtonVPN offers some of the best perks for streaming, with minimal buffering and quality of up to 4K you are guaranteed a smooth streaming experience. ProtonVPN can also unlock geo restricted content in the U.S.A and the U.K.

ProtonVPN Key Features:

  • IP protection online
  • Swiss privacy laws.
  • Public Wi-Fi protection.
  • Money back guarantee.
  • No activity logs.
  • Multi-platform support.
  • Strong encryption.
  • DNS Leak protection

Surfshark VPN – Reliable provider with a great budget

Surfshark is a fast and reliable VPN provider with excellent features. It offers a great budget-friendly plan for those who want to keep their online activities secure without paying too much for it. The provider has servers located in over 63 countries, meaning you can access content from all around the world from one single account. It also comes with unlimited device connections, allowing you to protect all of your devices at the same time. Furthermore, its download speed in Turkey is 86.5 Mbps.

Surfshark’s user-friendly apps make it easy for users to get connected and stay that way. Surfshark also has great security features, including military-grade encryption, a zero-logging policy (for maximum privacy), and even a built-in ad blocker. It also offers a kill switch, which will automatically disconnect your internet connection should the VPN connection ever drop. And, if you decide to sign up for an annual subscription, Surfshark throws in its CleanWeb feature for free, which helps protect you from malicious websites and phishing attempts.

Surfshark VPN Key Features:

  • Extensive server network
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • DNS, WebRTC, and IPv6 leak protection
  • NoBorders feature

iTop VPN – Extremely user-friendly and customizable

iTop VPN is an extremely user-friendly and customizable VPN that caters to the needs of even the most tech-savvy users. With an intuitive interface, powerful encryption, and flexible customization options users can ensure their online data is secure while also enjoying a seamless browsing experience. As it incorporates unique features including unlimited bandwidth, unlimited server switching, and free access to all servers.

With iTop VPN you can easily unblock websites, mask your IP address, and protect your data from malicious cyberattacks while still keeping the connection speed high. Including advanced privacy features such as military-grade encryption technology, an automatic kill switch to ensure no data leaks in case of an interruption, and a simple but effective no-logs policy make sure your browsing is kept private. With iTop VPN, you can rest assured that your online data is safe and secure from hackers and malicious actors.

iTop VPN Key Features:

  • good server distribution
  • 5 simultaneous connections
  • Budget-friendly
  • Money-back guarantee
  • 256-bit encryption

Private VPN – Great for streaming capabilities in Turkey

PrivateVPN provides excellent customer service with knowledgeable and helpful staff. The support team is available 24/7 via live chat or email to help with any technical issues or account questions. It also has great connection speeds for streaming and downloading, making it perfect for those who want to unblock websites or access geo-restricted content. For instance, it has a download speed of 54.58 Mbps and an upload speed of 24.43 Mbps in Turkey.

In addition, it offers a wide range of servers located in over 60 countries around the world so you can access content from almost anywhere. As it has a great ability to unblock geo-restrictions in Turkey, making it a top choice for streaming. Finally, PrivateVPN is highly secure with an OpenVPN protocol with 256-bit encryption and a no-log policy. This ensures that your online activity remains private and anonymous while you browse the internet. All in all, PrivateVPN is an excellent service provider for anyone looking for a reliable and secure VPN.

PrivateVPN Key Features:

  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 128- or 256-bit encryption
  • 6 simultaneous connections
  • DNS leak protection
  • Anonymous sign up possible

VPN Unlimited – Excellent for anonymity with different security features

VPN Unlimited is a great way to ensure your anonymity online with its advanced security features. It offers multiple protocols and strong encryption for all devices. With VPN Unlimited, you can be sure your traffic is secure and private, no matter what network connection you use. The software utilizes the latest OpenVPN technologies to provide you with the strongest, most reliable encryption available. It also supports both UDP and TCP protocols to ensure your data is transmitted securely over any network conditions.

Additionally, users can customize the encryption level with different ciphers and algorithms to suit their needs. The service also has a kill switch feature that will block all outgoing traffic if the connection is suddenly lost. This will protect your data and privacy even if you do not have the time to manually disconnect from the VPN server.

VPN Unlimited Key Features:

  • AES-256 Encryption
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Personal VPN server
  • Run on Startup feature SOCKS5 Proxy Technology                                         


Which VPN works best in Turkey?

Most VPNs work in Turkey and which VPN to choose is highly dependant on your needs. We would recommend trusted service providers like ExpressVPN and NordVPN in Turkey. NordVPN in particular offers robust security features like a strict no logs policy, Double VPN, and anti-DDoS internet connections.

Are VPNs legal or illegal in Turkey?

VPNs are generally legal in Turkey, however you might struggle to have a smooth experience. The Turkish government have been restricting VPN use since 2016, their reasoning was that it was for national security and to protect the citizens from terrorists.

How can I watch football highlights on Youtube?

Since most broadcasting services are geographically restricted, when you are in Turkey it would be hard to watch football content on channels like SkySports, CBS or NBC. For this you would need a VPN, and we recommend VPNs with United States and United Kingdom country servers like PrivateVPN, TurboVPN, ExpressVPN, TunnelVPN and connect. You’ll be good to go.

Is it illegal to torrent in Turkey?

There are no barriers to torrenting in Turkey. You are free to access torrent applications like BitTorrent and uTorrent. What would bring you some trouble though is downloading software and media

How do I get Omegle to work in Turkey?

The most convenient way to connect to Omegle is by using a VPN that can change your IP address. Another consideration is finding a VPN with servers in the USA coupled with DNS leak protection, because you want your data best protected.

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