Best VPN for Various Uses 2022

Up to March 2022, we have tested 50 VPN providers on download speed, upload speed, Ping, DNS Leak, Streaming, Torrenting and more to create

Best VPN for Countries

CountryOur Best Pick for Various Countries
ChinaBest VPN for China
IndiaBest VPN for India
UKBest VPN for UK
South AfricaBest VPN for South Africa
AustraliaBest VPN for Australia
JapanBest VPN for Japan
SingaporeBest VPN for Singapore
MalaysiaBest VPN for Malaysia
SpainBest VPN for Spain
GermanyBest VPN for Germany
ThailandBest VPN for Thailand
PakistanBest VPN for Pakistan
TurkeyBest VPN for Turkey
FranceBest VPN for France
RussiaBest VPN for Russia
New ZealandBest VPN for New Zealand
PhilippinesBest VPN for Philippines
QatarBest VPN for Qatar
MexicoBest VPN for Mexico
VietnamBest VPN for Vietnam
PortugalBest VPN for Portugal
IndonesiaBest VPN for Indonesia
ItalyBest VPN for Italy
GreeceBest VPN for Greece
NorwayBest VPN For Norway
VenezuelaBest VPN For Venezuela
AustriaBest VPN For Austria
CyprusBest VPN For Cyprus
EgyptBest VPN For Egypt
FinlandBest VPN For Finland
ArgentinaBest VPN for Argentina
BrazilBest VPN for Brazil
NetherlandsBest VPN for Netherlands
SwedenBest VPN for Sweden
MaltaBest VPN for Malta
NigeriaBest VPN For Nigeria
SwitzerlandBest VPN for Switzerland
UkraineBest VPN for Ukraine
BangladeshBest VPN for Bangladesh
ColombiaBest VPN For Colombia
OmanBest VPN for Oman
PanamaBest VPN for Panama
IsraelBest VPN for Israel
DenmarkBest VPN for Denmark
BelgiumBest VPN For Belgium
CambodiaBest VPN For Cambodia
KazakhstanBest VPN For Kazakhstan

Best VPN for Streaming

UseOur Best Pick for Various Streaming
StreamingBest VPN for Streaming
StreamingBest VPN for Netflix
StreamingBest VPN for Amazon Prime
StreamingBest VPN for Hulu
StreamingBest VPN for BBC iPlayer
StreamingBest VPN for Kodi
StreamingBest VPN for Disney Plus
StreamingBest VPN for Firestick
StreamingBest VPN for IPTV
StreamingBest VPN for HBO Max
StreamingBest VPN for Hotstar
StreamingBest VPN for Crunchyroll
StreamingBest VPN for Sky Go
StreamingBest VPN for Dazn
StreamingBest VPN for YouTube
StreamingBest VPN for Spotify
StreamingBest VPN for Funimation
StreamingBest VPN for Twitch
StreamingBest VPN for Anime
StreamingBest VPN for Live Streaming
StreamingBest VPN for Peacock TV
StreamingBest VPN for UK TV
StreamingBest VPN for Twitch Streaming
StreamingBest VPN for Plex
StreamingBest VPN for Android Box
StreamingBest VPN for British TV
StreamingBest VPN for Pandora
StreamingBest VPN for Chromecast
StreamingBest VPN for Apple TV 4K
StreamingBest VPN for MLB TV
StreamingBest VPN for Kayo Sports
StreamingBest VPN for Sky Sports
StreamingBest VPN for Now TV
StreamingBest VPN for Showbox
StreamingBest VPN for ESPN Plus
StreamingBest VPN for Viki
StreamingBest VPN For BBC
StreamingBest VPN for Australian TV
StreamingBest VPN for NBA League Pass
StreamingBest VPN for DSTV Now

Best VPN for Torrenting

UseOur Best Pick for Various Torrenting
TorrentingBest VPN for Qbittorrent
TorrentingBest VPN for VUZE
TorrentingBest VPN for Bittorrent
TorrentingBest VPN for Utorrent
TorrentingBest VPN for Popcorn Time
TorrentingBest VPN for Torrenting

Best VPN for Devices

UseOur Best Pick for Various Devices
DevicesBest VPN For Macbook Pro
DevicesBest VPN For Apple Products

Best VPN for Operating System

UseOur Best Pick for Various Operating System
Operating System
Operating System
Operating System
Operating System

Best VPN for Gaming Devices

UseOur Best Pick for Various Gaming Devices
Gaming DevicesBest VPN For PlayStation 5 (PS5)
Gaming DevicesBest VPN For PlayStation 4 (PS4)
Gaming DevicesBest VPN For PlayStation 3 (PS3)
Gaming DevicesBest VPN for GeForce NOW
Gaming DevicesBest VPN for Nvidia Shield
Gaming DevicesBest VPN For Xbox
Gaming DevicesBest VPN For Xbox one
Gaming DevicesBest VPN For Xbox 360
Gaming DevicesBest VPN For Xbox Series X
Gaming DevicesBest VPN For Xbox Series S
Gaming DevicesBest VPN For Xbox live
Gaming DevicesBest VPN For Gaming
Gaming DevicesBest VPN For Geforce Now

Best VPN for Games

UseOur Best Pick for Various Games
GamesBest VPN For BGMI
GamesBest VPN for Roblox
GamesBest VPN for Lost Ark
GamesBest VPN for Pokemon Go
GamesBest VPN For Overwatch
GamesBest VPN For GTA Online
GamesBest VPN For COD Mobile
GamesBest VPN For GameLoop
GamesBest VPN For FFXIV
GamesBest VPN For MLBB
GamesBest VPN For PES
GamesBest VPN for Wild Rift
GamesBest VPN for Valorant
GamesBest VPN for Warzone
GamesBest VPN for PUBG
GamesBest VPN for Gaming Low Ping
GamesBest VPN for World Of Warcraft
GamesBest VPN for Game
GamesBest VPN for Genshin Impact
GamesBest VPN for CS GO
GamesBest VPN for Fortnite
GamesBest VPN for Minecraft
GamesBest VPN for Console Gaming
GamesBest VPN for Hypixel
GamesBest VPN for League of Legends

Best VPN for Smart TV

UseOur Best Pick for Various Smart TV
Smart TVBest VPN for Apple TV
Smart TVBest VPN for Android TV
Smart TVBest VPN for Roku
Smart TVBest VPN for Smart TV
Smart TVBest VPN for Streaming TV
Smart TVBest VPN for Samsung Smart TV
Smart TVBest VPN for LG Smart TV

Best VPN for Social Media

Social MediaOur Best Pick for Various Social Media
Social MediaBest VPN for TikTok
Social MediaBest VPN for Omegle
Social MediaBest VPN for Facebook
Social MediaBest VPN for Facebook Messenger
Social MediaBest VPN for FaceTime in UAE
Social MediaBest VPN for OmeTV
Social MediaBest VPN for Dating Sites
Social MediaBest VPN for Skype
Social MediaBest VPN for Zoosk
Social MediaBest VPN for Talkatone
Social MediaBest VPN for Snapchat
Social MediaBest VPN for Tinder
Social MediaBest VPN for Discord
Social MediaBest VPN for Whatsapp
Social MediaBest VPN for Telegram
Social MediaBest VPN for Twitter
Social MediaBest VPN for Instagram

Best VPN for Browsers

BrowsersOur Best Pick for Various Browsers
BrowsersBest Browser with Built-In VPN
BrowsersBest VPN for Edge
BrowsersBest VPN for Brave Browser
BrowsersBest VPN for Safari
BrowsersBest VPN for Opera
BrowsersBest VPN for Tor
BrowsersBest VPN for Firefox
BrowsersBest VPN for Chrome

Best VPN for Routers

RoutersOur Best Pick for Various Routers

Best VPN for Security & Privacy

Security & PrivacyOur Best Pick for Various Security & Privacy
Security & PrivacyBest VPN for Security And Privacy
Security & PrivacyBest VPN for Anonymity
Security & PrivacyBest VPN for DDoS Protection
Security & PrivacyBest VPN for Kill Switch
Security & PrivacyBest VPN for Hiding IP Address

Best VPN for Business

BusinessOur Best Pick for Various Business
BusinessBest VPN for Zoom
BusinessBest VPN Solution for Small Business
BusinessBest VPN Solution for Enterprise
BusinessBest VPN for Small Business
BusinessBest VPN for Business

Best VPN for Home & Personal Use

HomeOur Best Pick for Home & Personal Use
HomeBest VPN for Home Network
HomeBest VPN for Personal Use
Personal UseBest VPN for Family
Personal UseBest VPN Solution for Home

Best VPN for Schools & Students

Schools & StudentsOur Best Pick for Schools & Students
Schools & StudentsBest VPN for College Students
Schools & Students
Schools & Students
Schools & Students

Best VPN for Public Use

Public UseOur Best Pick for Public Use
Public UseBest VPN for Public WiFi
Public Use
Public Use
Public Use

Best VPN for Traveling

Traveling Our Best Pick for Traveling
TravelingBest VPN for Travel to Europe
TravelingBest VPN for Traveling Abroad
TravelingBest VPN for Overseas Travel
TravelingBest VPN for Travel
TravelingBest VPN for Hotels
TravelingBest VPN for Hotel Wi-Fi

Best VPN for Works & Jobs

Works & Jobs Our Best Pick for Works & Jobs
Works & JobsBest VPN for Expats
Works & JobsBest VPN for Digital Nomads
Works & Jobs
Works & Jobs

Best VPN for Telecommunications

TelecommunicationsOur Best Pick for Telecommunications
TelecommunicationsBest VPN for Vodafone
TelecommunicationsBest VPN for Xfinity
TelecommunicationsBest VPN for Virgin Media
TelecommunicationsBest VPN for Airtel
TelecommunicationsBest VPN for Etisalat

Best VPN for Cryptocurrency

CryptocurrencyOur Best Pick for Cryptocurrency
CryptocurrencyBest VPN for Crypto Mining
CryptocurrencyBest VPN for Bitmex
CryptocurrencyBest VPN for Bybit
CryptocurrencyBest VPN for Binance
CryptocurrencyBest VPN for Crypto Trading
CryptocurrencyBest VPN for Bitcoin

Best VPN for Betting

BettingOur Best Pick for Betting
BettingBest VPN for Stake
BettingBest VPN for Roobet
BettingBest VPN for Gambling
BettingBest VPN for Sports Betting
BettingBest VPN for Bet365
BettingBest VPN for Poker
BettingBest VPN for Online Casino
BettingBest VPN for Betfair
BettingBest VPN for PokerStars
BettingBest VPN for Betting Sites

Best VPN for Other Uses

Other UsesOur Best Pick for Other Uses
Other Uses
Other Uses
Other Uses
Other Uses

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