Betternet VPN Review 2022

Wanna see the performance options of Betternet? In particular,

  • How quick IPVanish download and upload speed?
  • What’s about ping?
  • How well does it work on streaming platforms, i.e. Netflix?
  • How good is it for torrenting?
  • Are there differences in these options for different regions?

Answers to all these questions are here, in this Betternet Review.

Our tests include connection tests, speed tests (download speed, upload speed test, ping), torrenting, streaming. Besides, the review contains information on DNS leaks, routers best for Betternet, browser extensions, devices and operating systems, TV, and finally – customer support report.

Our key finding about Betternet

🌍Country of IncorporationUSA
🖥️Number of Countries10
🖥️Number of Server Location10
🖥️Number of Servers80
💰Pricefree for the USA
⤵️Download Speedavg. 40.63 Mbps
⤴️Upload Speedavg. 17.73 Mbps
🔒Dedicated IPYes
📱 Multiple Devices5
📺NetflixYes, unblocked successfully (for the USA only)
💻Operation SystemiOS, Android, Windows, macOS
🌐Browser extensionChrome, Firefox, Edge
🇨🇳 Does it work in ChinaYes
🆓Free TrialYes, full refund within 45 days
👩‍💼Live Chat Supportemail only

Servers and Locations

There are 10 servers locations in 10 countries. Mainly, the servers are placed in highly developed countries: UK, USA, Canada, Japan, France, Australia, Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong, Netherlands. There are NO servers in Africa and South America. Besides, there are NO servers in Turkey, China, and Vietnam.

There are 80 geographically localized servers. It means that users potentially will get less download and upload speeds.

BetternetIndustry average
Number of Countries1060
Number of Server Locations10120
Number of Servers801000

The number of servers is essentially less than the industry average. The network of servers is small. It is worse because it decreases download and upload speed. Besides, as far as there are no servers in Africa and South America, the download and upload speeds are minimal there.

Speed Tests

VPNs tend to slow down the upload and download speed. In rare cases, it increases, if the user is geographically close to the server. But in this case, there are few servers, so the VPN only slows down the download and upload speed, as well as increases ping.

We tested Betternet for the Americas (both – North and South), Europe, and the Asia Pacific. We present download, upload, and ping speeds in this section. The upload and download speeds are measured in Mbps.

Download speed

Totally we tested 71 downloads with different countries worldwide. In particular, 15 downloads for the Americas, 26 downloads for Europe, and 30 downloads for the Asia Pacific.

Header LabelAmericasEuropeAsia Pacific
Number of tested countries152630
Failed tests (number of countries)02 (Serbia, Montenegro)0
Average Download speed7.903 Mbps10.41 Mbps40.63 Mbps
Min Download speed3.13 Mbps (Argentina)2.53 Mbps (Lithuania)5.24 Mbps (Algerie)
Max Download speed18.18 Mbps (Uruguay)57.7 Mbps (UK)152.38 Mbps (Australia)
No VPN147.37 Mbps147.37 Mbps147.37 Mbps

The average speed for the Americas was 7.903 Mbps, for Europe – 10.41 Mbps, and for Asia Pacific – 40.63 Mbps. There was significant variation in these data across countries. In particular, the minimal download speed for the Americas was 3.13 Mbps (Argentina), for Europe – 2.53 Mbps (Lithuania), and for the Asia Pacific – 5.24 Mbps (Algeria). The maximum download speed for the Americas was 18.18 Mbps (Uruguay), for Europe – 57.7 Mbps (Spain), and for the Asia Pacific – 152.38 Mbps (Australia).

The quickest connection in the world was 152.38 Mbps (Australia, Asia Pacific). The average download speed for all tested countries was 20.76 Mbps.

Betternet Download speed

Header LabelCountryDownload
Slowest Lithuania, Europa2.53 Mbps
Quickest Australia, Asia Pacific152.38 Mbps
Average (all countries)20.76 Mbps
No VPN Connected147.37 Mbps

Betternet Download speed compares to no VPN (for regions)*


Header LabelBetternetNo VPN avgDifference
Quickest152.38 Mbps
Slowest2.53 Mbps
Average (all countries)20.76 Mbps

*Note: We’ve tested, reviewed, and ranked many top VPNs and selected the top ten that are worth your purchase. To do this, we carefully studied their features, market reputation, feedback, and prices.

Upload Speed

The next speed tests were provided for upload speed. Upload speed is more important for streamers. We’d like to note that often download speed is bigger than upload speed.

Totally we tested 71 downloads with different countries worldwide. In particular, 15 downloads for the Americas, 26 downloads for Europe, and 30 downloads for the Asia Pacific.

Header LabelAmericasEuropeAsia Pacific
Number of tested countries152630
Failed tests (number of countries)01 (Montenegro)0
Average Upload speed15.44 Mbps15.31 Mbps22.0 Mbps
Min Upload speed11.33 Mbps (Brazil)0.82 Mbps (Norway)2.18 Mbps (China)
Max Upload speed17.76 Mbps (Canada)18.84 Mbps (Italy)33.36 Mbps (Singapore)
No VPN33.83 Mbps33.83 Mbps33.83 Mbps

The average upload speed for the Americas was 15.44 Mbps, for Europe – 15.31 Mbps, and for Asia Pacific – 22.00 Mbps. There was no upload speed less than 11.33 Mbps in the Americas. The minimal upload speed for the Americas was 11.33 (Brazil), for Europe – 0.82 Mbps (Norway), and for the Asia Pacific – 2.18 Mbps (China). The maximum upload speed in the world was 33.36 Mbps (Singapore, Asia) – close to the no VPN usage upload speed.

Betternet Upload speed

Header LabelCountryDownload
QuickestSingapore, Asia Pacific33.36 Mbps
SlowestNorway, Europe0.82 Mbps
Average (all countries)17.73 Mbps
No VPN Connected33.83 Mbps

Betternet Upload speed compares to average (for regions)*

Header LabelBetternetNo VPN avgDifference
Quickest33.36 Mbps
Slowest0.82 Mbps
Average (all countries)17.73 Mbps

*Note: We’ve tested, reviewed, and ranked many top VPNs and selected the top ten that are worth your purchase. To do this, we carefully studied their features, market reputation, feedback, and prices. The figures below depict test data in the context of regions and countries.

The main reason why a VPN connection will always be slightly slower than your unsecured Internet connection is obvious: before you connect to the Internet, you go through an intermediate stage, processing data using a VPN server.

Ping time out

When using a VPN for online games, you should remember that the response time will not primarily be affected by speed, but by ping. Ping is the number of milliseconds (if seconds, then it’s very bad) your server and/or your device takes to complete one data exchange cycle.

Betternet ping speed, ms

Header LabelAmericasEuropeAsia Pacific
(South Africa)
No VPN connection161616

Betternet ping speed compared to other VPNs

Header labelCountryPing
QuickestIndia15.68 ms
SlowestSouth Africa386 ms
AverageAll countries209.81 ms
No VPN connectionAll countries16

Betternet ping speed compared to the industry average

Header LabelBetternetOther VPN avgDifference
Quickest15.68 ms
65.83 ms-420%
Slowest386 ms
(South Africa)
65.83 ms+586%
Overall209.8165.83 ms+319%

Betternet outperforms the other VPNs in ping speed by the quickest of 209.81 ms.

DNS Leak Test

A DNS leak is a vulnerability that allows third parties to gain access to your online activities. Typically, your device connects to the Internet through an ISP-provided DNS server. As a consequence, the provider has access to all your activities. This, of course, threatens your privacy, and the best way to protect yourself from this is to use a VPN.

No VPN connectedVPN connected (Betternet)DNS leak test
(Central, Hong Kong)
(Piscataway, United States)
(Central, Hong Kong)
(Central, Hong Kong)
(Hong Kong)
(Hong Kong)
(Taipei, Taiwan)

Our DNS leak test was successful with Betternet. NO DNS leaks were detected.


Unfortunately, Betternet does not work outside the USA (in particular, it does not work in the UK, Japan, and South Korea). In our tests, the test speed in the USA was 720 p. This way, this VPN makes it possible to watch Ultra HD (4K).


VPNs should unblock the streaming platform. We selected Netflix to be tested because Netflix is one of the most popular platforms. We considered the following options: Library, Streaming buffer, Streaming quality. We selected one country from each region. The table below shows our testing data.

We only were able to unblock the USA library. This way, the libraries in Europe (UK), Asia Pacific (Japan and South Korea) were not unblocked – so our attempts here were not successful. For the stream buffer (for the USA only), it took 11 seconds to start a video with the quality of 720p HD.

Header labelBetternet – LibraryBetternet – Streaming bufferBetternet – Streaming quality
United Statesyes11720p
United KingdomNO
Asia Pacific
South KoreaNO

Betternet does not work with Netflix. Netflix blocks Betternet (outside the USA).


Torrent (as the P2P protocol) has simplified the access to large files, including films, videos, etc. And now Torrent trackers are the main platforms for obtaining free content.

Betternet is supported by all major operating systems, including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android. It is not supported by Linux. 

You can even install the Betternet app directly on your router!

BitTorrent with Betternet

In this section, we present data for BitTorrent. To test Betternet’s torrenting performance, we used BitTorrent to download the movie of 3.5 GB. Here we observed the download speed of 416 kB/s with only 0.578 seeders. So, the 3.5 GB file was completed within 2h 35 min. We were disappointed with this result.

BitTorrent with Betternet

Header LabelFile sizeSeedersDownload SpeedTime
Betternet3.5 GB0.578416 kB/s2h 35 min
Other VPNs1.85 GB0.8782.1 Mbps11 min

uTorrent with Betternet

To provide the close conditions, we downloaded the file of the same size (3.5 GB) for 2h 26 min. There were 0.466 seeders and we observed a download speed of 502 kb/s.

uTorrent with IPVanish

File sizeSeedersDownload SpeedTime
3.5 GB0.466502 kb/s2h 26 min

uTorrent with other VPNs

Header LabelFile sizeSeedersDownload SpeedTime
Betternet3.5 GB0.466502 kb/s2h 26 min
Other VPNs1.85 GB0.2192.1 Mbps22 min


Betternet has no native apps for routers.

Browser extension

Betternet maintains extensions for Chrome (not maintained for the guest and anonymous modes) and Firefox.

Devices and Operating Systems

The premium subscription allows simultaneous usage of 5 devices, but the free version – for only 1.

Betternet supportі for the following devices:

  • Windows Computers
  • Mac desktops
  • iOS devices such as iPhones, iPads, and iPods with iOS 12 or above
  • Android phones and tablets (only unrooted/unmodified devices) with Android 5.0 or above.


Betternet is compatible with the following smart TVs:

  • Disney+;
  • Hulu;
  • HBO Max;
  • BBC;
  • iPlayer;
  • Amazon Prime Video.


The free download is possible only for the USA.

The Premium subscription plan envisages 2 offers:

  • Subscription for 1 month –  $12.99 per month;
  • Subscription for 12 months – $71.88, which is $5.99 per month..
PlanBetternetIndustry AvgDifference
1 monthUS$12.99US$9.00+44%
12 monthUS$5.99US$5.00+19.8%

Betternet price is higher than the industry avg. It does make sense since it offers way more servers and the speed is faster.


There is no discount for Betternet purchases.

Free Trial

The free download is possible only for the USA.

All Betternet subscribers can request a refund within 45 days from the purchase

Customer support

And some words on customer support. Betternet provides email customer support only.

Header labelBetternetIndustry AVGDifference
Connect to an agency10 second
Reply speed15 second
Quality of the answerGood


Betternet provides a very limited scope of services, the benefits are possible mainly for the USA. There are only 10 countries of servers location. It does not work with Netflix (outside the USA). the customer support is provided only by email.

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