CyberGhost VPN Review 2022

CyberGhost VPN is a VPN provider that has servers in many countries around the world. We tested it for various regions and their performance, specifically bandwidth limits or speed tests done on downloads as well uploads speeds with pings time outs were taken into account when reviewing this company’s offerings.

  • How quick CyberGhost VPN download and upload speed?
  • What’s about ping?
  • How well does it work on streaming platforms, i.e. Netflix?
  • How good is it for torrenting?
  • Are there differences in these options for different regions?

Answers to all these questions are here, in this CyberGhost VPN Review 2022.

Our key finding about CyberGhost

🌍Country of IncorporationRomania
🖥️Number of Countries91
🖥️Number of Server Location113
🖥️Number of Servers7549
⤵️Download Speedavg. 19.77 Mbps
⤴️Upload Speedavg. 14.27 Mbps
🔒Dedicated IPYes
📱 Multiple Devices7
📺NetflixYes (the USA only)
💻Operation SystemLinux, Android, Windows, iOs, Mac
🌐Browser extensionChrome, Firefox
🇨🇳 Does it work in ChinaYes
🆓Free TrialYes, full refund within 45 days
👩‍💼Live Chat Support24/7 Live Chat Support

Servers and Locations

CyberGhost is an excellent VPN service that offers 113 server locations across 91 countries. The company also has servers for some countries with repressive internet policies, such as Turkey and Vietnam.

Header LabelCyberGhostIndustry average
Number of Countries9160
Number of Server Locations113120
Number of Servers75491000

The CyberGhost number of servers and locations is more than the industry average. It’s better because it makes download/upload speeds bigger in general, but these benefits are unique only to regions with many locations.

Speed Test

With more than 7549 servers and locations in 90+ countries across Asia to Europe or North America; CyberGhost offers users an excellent download speed. This is due not only because they have many network connections but also through their innovative clustering system which shares bandwidth between different sites so you’re always downloading fast!

Download speed

We tested 103 downloads with different countries worldwide.

Header LabelAmericasEuropeAsia Pacific
Number of tested countries1347 (1 fail)44
Number of states without test data7218
Average Download speed13.45 Mbps16.2 Mbps23.44 Mbps
Min Download speed0.83 Mbps (Panama)0.91 Mbps
1.27 Mbps
(South Africa)
Max download speed52.46 Mbps
104.65 Mbps
90.21 Mbps (New Zeland)
No VPN155.91 Mbps155.91 Mbps155.91 Mbps

It’s interesting to see the variation in data across countries. For example, while some connections have low average speeds (such as 0.83 Mbps from Panama), other regions are much faster with 50+Mbps uploads and downloads! High scattering of speeds causes the low average download speeds both for regions and for the world.

The average speed for the Americas was 13.45 Mbps, for Europe – 16.2 Mbps, and for Asia Pacific – 23.44 Mbps. In particular, the minimal download speed for the Americas was 0.83 (Panama), for Europe –0.91 Mbps (Romania), and for Asia Pacific – 1.27 Mbps (South Africa). The quickest connection in the world was 104.65 Mbps (Andora, Europe). The average download speed for all tested countries was 19.77 Mbps.

CyberGhost Download speed compares to no VPN (for regions)*

Header LabelCyberGhostNo VPN avgDifference
Quickest104.65 Mbps155.91 Mbps1.5 times less
Slowest0.83 Mbps155.91 Mbps187 times less
Average (all countries)19.77 Mbps155.91 Mbps7.88 times less

*Note: We’ve tested, reviewed, and ranked dozens of top VPNs and selected the top ten that are worth your money. To do this, we carefully studied their features, market reputation, and prices.

Upload Speed

We tested 103 uploads with different countries worldwide for this VPN used and without a VPN. The download speed is not comparable, as it’s considerably quick (but not as fast) compared to an internet connection through someone else who has their own server or service available locally vs having one at home via cable/ DSL where things could potentially get slower due additional hardware requirements).

Header LabelAmericasEuropeAsia Pacific
Number of tested states12347 (1 fail)44
Number states without test data7218
Average Upload speed19.77 Mbps12.97 Mbps16.06 Mbps
Min Upload speed3.52 Mbps
1.03 Mbps
0.37 Mbps
Max upload speed30.26
29.59 Mbps
31.56 Mbps
No VPN35.57 Mbps35.57 Mbps35.57 Mbps

The average upload speed for CyberGhost was 14.27 Mbps, and it is 2.5 times lower than No VPN. The minimal achievable upload speeds varied depending on location, but in general, it is possible to get docent Mbps or more under optimal conditions with this service!

The average upload speed for the Americas was 12.101 Mbps, for Europe – 12.97 Mbps, and for the Asia Pacific – 16.06 Mbps. The minimal upload speed for the Americas was 3.52 (Bahamas), for Europe – 1.03 Mbps (Romania), and for the Asia Pacific – 0.37 Mbps (Kenya). The quickest connection for all countries was 31.56 Mbps (Vietnam, Asia Pacific)– close to the no VPN usage upload speed.

CyberGhost Upload speed

Header LabelCountryDownload
QuickestVietnam, Asia Pacific31.57 Mbps
SlowestKenya, Asia Pacific0.37 Mbps
Average (all countries)14.27 Mbps
No VPN Connected35.57 Mbps

CyberGhost  Upload speed compares to average (for regions)*

Header LabelCyberGhostNo VPN avgDifference
Quickest31.57 Mbps35.57 Mbps1.12 times less
Slowest0.37 Mbps35.57 Mbps96 times less
Average (all countries)14.27 Mbps35.57 Mbps2.49 times less

*Note: We’ve tested, reviewed, and ranked dozens of top VPNs and selected the top ten that are worth your money. To do this, we carefully studied their features, market reputation, and prices.

The figures below depict test data in the context of regions and countries.

Ping time out

Ping is an indicator of how close your internet connection currently resides to being perfect. When pings are low, it means that there’s less traffic on the wire and better chances for success in getting data from one point A to another B without any errors or delays along its journey! The lower this number gets – usually below 40 ms per request (ping) made by client applications such as Netflix streaming software–the more likely you’ll have stable playback with minimal buffering during viewing sessions because these types of problems often arise due simply too much activity happening simultaneously near puberty-level quantities here.

CyberGhost ping speed, ms

Header LabelAmericasEuropeAsia Pacific
Quickest138 (Canada)189 (Italy)3.15 (Singapore)
Slowest335 (Argentina)339 (Bulgaria)493 (Iran)
No VPN connection171717

CyberGhost ping speed compared to other VPNs

Header labelCountryPing
QuickestSingapore3.15 ms
SlowestIran493 ms
OverallAll countries217.81 ms
No VPN connectionAll countries17

CyberGhost ping speed compared to the industry average

Header LabelCyberGhostOther VPN avgDifference
Quickest3.15 ms
65.83 ms20.83 times less
Slowest493 ms
65.83 ms7.5 times more
Overall217.81 ms65.83 ms3.31 times more

CyberGhost outperforms the other VPNs in ping speed 3.31 times.

DNS Leak Test

A DNS leak is when your VPN connection exposes some or all of your DNS query information to a third party. That is, you think that your traffic is protected, but in fact, it is true, and the Internet provider (or system administrator) can see where you went. The problem can happen even with proven and fairly reliable VPN services.

No VPN connectedVPN connected (CyberGhost)DNS leak test
(Central, Hong Kong)
(Datacamp Limited, USA)
(Hong Kong)
(Hong Kong)
(Hong Kong)
(Hong Kong)
(Taipei, Taiwan)

Our DNS leak test was successful with CyberGhost. NO DNS leaks were detected.


We tested CyberGhost for work in the USA, UK, Japan, and South Korea. But, CyberGhost works only in the USA. There were the following test results – speed was 720 p. It’s enough to watch Ultra HD (4K).


CyberGhost unblocked the USA library. Other libraries ( UK, Japan, and South Korea) were not unblocked. For the stream buffer (for the USA only), it took a lot – 32 seconds to start a video with a quality of 720 p HD.

Header labelCyberGhost– LibraryCyberGhost – Streaming bufferCyberGhost – Streaming quality
United Statesyes32720 p
United KingdomNO
Asia Pacific
South KoreaNO


The widespread introduction of personal computers and the Internet has removed the problem of leisure – you can get high-quality entertainment without leaving your home: watch movies on streaming services, listen to music, buy games and programs on the websites of their developers. And if there is not enough money, then the content will be shared by network users using torrent trackers. It’s just that you most likely won’t be able to download a movie or a program via a torrent without a VPN.

BitTorrent with CyberGhost

Here we present data for BitTorrent. To test CyberGhost’s torrenting performance, we used BitTorrent to download the movie of 3.5 GB. Here we observed the download speed of 426.2 kB/s with only 0.523 seeders. So, the 3.5 GB file was completed within 2h 49 min. We are really disappointed.

BitTorrent with CyberGhost

Header LabelFile sizeSeedersDownload SpeedTime
CyberGhost3.5 GB0.523426.2 kB/s2h 49 min
Other VPNs1.85 GB0.8782.1 Mbps11 min

uTorrent with CyberGhost

Providing the same conditions for this test, we downloaded the file of the same size for 2h 52min. There were 0.672 seeders, and we observed a download speed of 448 kb/s. We are really disappointed.

uTorrent with CyberGhost

Header LabelFile sizeSeedersDownload SpeedTime
CyberGhost3.5 GB0.672448 kb/s2h 52min
Other VPNs1.85 GB0.2192.1 Mbps22 min


The VPN has a native app for routers. Besides, it has manual configuration on selected devices.

Best Router for CyberGhost

According to the official site, the following routers are the best for CyberGhost:

  • Netgear R6400V2 AC1750 DD-WRT FlashRouter – Best Router for apartment/ 1-4 Devices.
  • Linksys WRT3200ACM AC3200 DD-WRT FlashRouter – Best Router for small home/ 9 Devices.
  • Asus RT-AC5300 AC5300 DD-WRT FlashRouter – Best Router for large home/ 10+ Devices.

CyberGhost Router App

The CyberGhost VPN app is previously configured on the aforementioned routers.

Best Routers for CyberGhost

Netgear RoutersLinksys RoutersAsus Routers
R6400V2 AC1750 DD-WRTLinksys WRT3200ACM AC3200 DD-WRT FlashRouter Asus RT-AC5300 AC5300 DD-WRT FlashRouter

Router Manually setup

One can configure CyberGhost for the following models of routers:

Officially Supported Routers:

  • Netgear R6300v2
  • Netgear R6400v2
  • Netgear R7000
  • Netgear R7000P
  • Netgear R7800
  • Netgear R8000
  • Netgear R9000
  • Linksys WRT1200AC
  • Linksys WRT1900ACv1
  • Linksys WRT1900ACv2
  • Linksys WRT1900ACS
  • Linksys WRT3200ACM
  • Linksys WRT32X
  • Asus RT-AC56U
  • Asus RT-AC66U
  • Asus RT-AC68U
  • Asus RT-AC87U
  • Asus RT-AC3100
  • Asus RT-AC5300

Browser extension

CyberGhost VPN has a browser extension for Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.


Smart TV = TV + Internet + Applications.

CyberGhost is compatible with the following smart TVs:

  • Amazon FireStick TV
  • Apple TV & 3,4K
  • Smart TV
  • Fire TV
  • Samsung TV
  • Roku TV
  • Other Android TVs
  • Samsung Smart TV
  • Google ChromecastApple TV
  • LG

Devices and Operating Systems

The following OS can be used with CyberGhost VPN

  • PC & Windows
    • Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista
  • MacBook
    • macOS: MacBook | MacBook Air | MacBook Pro. iMac | iMac Pro, Mac Pro | Mac mini. Compatible with: macOS Mojave (10.14), macOS High Sierra (10.13), macOS Sierra (10.12)
  • iPhone & iPad
    • iOS 10 and up
  • Android devices (Samsung: Galaxy, Note, J; Huawei: Ascend P, Mate, D, G, Q, W, X, Y, Nova, GX; HTC: U, S, T, P, X, Bolt, Brew MP, 7&8; Sony Xperia; LG Smartphone; Android One Moto X4; Google Nexus; Pixel; any other Android smartphone; Samsung Galaxy Tab&Book; HTC Nexus 9; Sony Xperia tablets; LG G Pad; Nvidia Shield Tablet K1; any other Android tablet)
  • Linux: Ubuntu 19.04, 18.04 and 16.04, Fedora 29, 30 and 31, Mint 19, Kali, CentOS 17, PoP!_OS.
  • Router Firmware: DD-WRT v2 and v3, Tomato, Asus-WRT, Merlin


CyberGhost offers 4 different subscription plans.

  • Subscription for 1 month –  $11.99 (14 days of money back);
  • Subscription for 12 months – $42, which is $3.5 per month (45 days of money back);
  • Subscription for 24 months – $66, which is $2.75 per month (45 days of money back);
  • Subscription for 36+3 months – $73.71, which is $1.71 per month (45 days of money back).
PlanCyberGhostIndustry AvgDifference
1 monthUS$11.99US$9.00+33%
12 monthsUS$3.5US$8.00-128%
24 monthsUS$2.75US$5.00-80%
39 monthsUS$1.71

CyberGhost’s price is higher than the industry avg. It does make sense since it offers way more servers and the speed is faster.


No discount is offered.

Free Trial

CyberGhost does not offer a free trial at this time. But it offers a 14 and 45day money-back guarantee instead for 1 month and for 12, 24, 39 months of subscription periods.

Customer support

CyberGhost provides great 365/24/7 customer support. The maximum time of our waiting was 5 seconds and the reply speed was 11 seconds (less than the industry average). The answer was great. We’d like to note that the time to connect to an agency and the reply speed were 2 and 1.36 times less than the industry avg.

Header labelCyberGhostIndustry AVGDifference
Connect to an agency5 second10 second2 times less
Reply speed11 second15 second1.36 times less
Quality of the answerGood

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