iTop VPN Review 2022

Are you wondering how fast the browsing and streaming speed of iTop VPN is? What protocols it implements? How many servers does it have and in which regions? Does it support a wide range of platforms and operating systems?

through this review, we will provide information on all these questions and more.

To understand iTop VPN’s performance and compatibility, we tested connection, speed (download, upload, and ping), streaming capabilities and platforms, browser extension, and more, using devices like android, iPhone, iPad, Windows and MacBook. We also contacted customer support to clarify any concerns. 

Our Key Findings of iTop VPN

🌍Country of RegistrationHong Kong
🖥️Number of Countries
🖥️Number of Server Location100+
🖥️Number of Servers1800+
💰Price$11.99 per month
⤵️Download SpeedAvg. 43.36 Mbps
⤴️Upload SpeedAvg. 28.84 Mbps
Dedicated IPYes
📱Multiple Devices5
💻Operation SystemiOS, Android, Windows, and MacOS
🌐Browser ExtensionChrome, Edge, Safari, Opera and Firefox
Does it Work in ChinaNo
🆓Free TrialYes, 100% Free Plan
👩‍💼Live Chat SupportEmail only

Servers and Locations

iTop VPN servers seek to keep your data and activities private with VPN servers that provide a high level of security for your data. Via encrypting all traffic with AES-256-CBC and SHA512, ensuring that your information is protected at all times. iTop VPN is a diversified VPN service provider with over 1800 servers operating in over 100 locations. The number of servers is higher than the industry average, but notably lower than many VPN providers. In addition, it has servers in often neglected areas such as South Africa as well as countries with internet restrictions such as Turkey.

 iTop VPNIndustry Average
Number of Countries60
Number of Server Locations100+120
Number of Servers1800+1000

Speed Test

With high level security and privacy, itop VPN is expected to also have fast and reliable speeds, however, given that its servers aren’t geographically dispersed, the speed might not always be compatible for downloading and uploading, being occasionally higher or lower depending on the location.

We studied download, upload and ping speeds for 32 countries across the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Africa. Upload and download speeds were measured in Mbps., while ping speed was measured in milliseconds (ms).

We also measured our internet speed without the VPN to compare it to test data.

Download Speed

Out of the 32 countries, we tested 4 countries in the Americas, 15 in Europe, and 13 in Asia Pacific and Africa as shown in the table below.

iTop VPN Regional Comparison of Download Speed

Header LabelAmericasEuropeAsia Pacific and Africa
Number of Tested Countries41513
Average Download Speed25.98 Mbps40.91 Mbps63.19 Mbps
Lowest Download Speed8.07 Mbps (Brazil)24.98 Mbps (Romania)15.41 Mbps (Egypt)
Highest Download Speed47.31 Mbps (Canada)59.77 Mbps (Finland)130.36 Mbps (Russia)
No VPN114.15 Mbps114.15 Mbps114.15 Mbps

The Americas had the slowest average download speed of only 25.98 Mbps, while Asia Pacific and Africa had the highest and fastest average speed of 63.19 Mbps. Both results are however, nowhere near the download speed without a VPN, which is 114.15 Mbps. The average speed in Europe is 40.91 Mbps. Overall, the results of each region are closer to each other than they are to speed with no VPN connection.

iTop VPN Download Speed

Header LabelCountryDownload
FastestRussia130.36 Mbps
SlowestBrazil8.07 Mbps
OverallAll Tested Countries43.36 Mbps
No VPN Connected114.15 Mbps

Once more, the lowest country download speed was recorded in the Americas at 8.07 Mbps in Brazil. While the highest download speed was recorded in Russia at 130.36 Mbps, higher than when no VPN is connected. The average of all the countries we tested is 43.36 Mbps.

Upload Speed

We also tested the upload speed, which is usually slower than the download speed. It is used for videos, posts, sharing files, etc. Similarly, we tested the upload speed in 32 countries with the same number of test distribution as with download speed, and conducted tests without VPN usage. It is also measured in Mbps.

iTop VPN Regional Comparison of Upload Speed

Header LabelAmericasEuropeAsia Pacific and Africa
Number of Tested Countries41513
Average Upload Speed28.59 Mbps29.79 Mbps28.14 Mbps
Lowest Upload Speed20.89 Mbps (Brazil)0.4 Mbps (Netherlands)0.16 Mbps (Bangladesh)
Highest Upload Speed35.11 Mbps (United States)36.77 Mbps (Italy)39.72 Mbps (Malaysia)
No VPN42.64 Mbps42.64 Mbps42.64 Mbps

In this case, Asia Pacific and Africa had the lowest average upload speed of 28.14 Mbps, even though it was only slightly lower than the average speed of the Americas, which was 28.59 Mbps. Thus, Europe had the highest average speed of 29.79 Mbps, although again, this average is very close to other regions. What differs most is the upload speed without a VPN, which was 42.64 Mbps.

iTop VPN Upload Speed

Header LabelCountryUpload
FastestMalaysia39.72 Mbps
SlowestNetherlands0.4 Mbps
OverallAll Tested Countries28.84 Mbps
No VPN Connected42.64 Mbps

The fastest upload speed among all countries was recorded in Malaysia, with 39.72 Mbps, only slightly lower than no VPN usage speed, which was 42.64 Mbps. The lowest upload speed on the other hand was recorded in the Netherlands at 0.4 Mbps. And finally, the average upload speed as a result of all our upload tests throughout the globe was 28.84 Mbps, which is slower than when no VPN is connected, and a bit slower than the fastest country.


Ping can be used to determine whether a particular host is online and responding, to measure the round-trip time for messages sent between two hosts, or to test the reachability of a network path. It can be used as a basic network troubleshooting tool, because it can help identify networks that are not functioning properly. Ping is available for most computer platforms.

iTop VPN Regional Comparison of Ping Speed

Header LabelAmericasEuropeAsia Pacific and Africa
Number of Tested Countries41513
Average Ping Speed251.74 ms218.86 ms164.07 ms
Fastest Ping Speed169 ms (United States)187 ms (Sweden)56 ms (Singapore)
Slowest Ping Speed347 ms (Brazil)302 ms (Poland)437 ms (South Africa)
No VPN16 ms16 ms16 ms

Asia Pacific and Africa had the best average ping speed of 164.07 ms, which is still much slower than the ping speed without a VPN of 16 ms. The worst regional speed was recorded in the Americas, as the average was 251.74 ms. For Europe it was 218.86 ms. The results highly vary from the no VPN usage ping speed.

iTop VPN Ping Speed

Header LabelCountryPing
FastestSingapore56 ms
SlowestSouth Africa437 ms
OverallAll Tested Countries191.46 ms
No VPN Connected16 ms

The best ping speed among all countries was 56 ms in Singapore, which is lower than no VPN usage, but not merely comparative to the lowest ping speed of 437 ms in South Africa. The average ping speed as a result of all our ping tests all over the world was 191.46 ms, which is much slower than when no VPN is connected, yet much sharper than the slowest ping speed.

DNS Leak Test

To be able to connect to the iTop VPN service, you need to use the DNS server addresses that are provided on the Connectivity page in your account. The DNS servers are used to translate hostnames (like into IP addresses (like If you are not using the DNS servers that are provided by iTop VPN, your computer may not be able to connect to the service.

To use the DNS servers provided by iTop VPN, you need to configure your network settings to use the following addresses:

Primary DNS server:

Secondary DNS server:

No VPN ConnectedVPN Connected (iTop VPN)DNS Leak Test
(Taipei, Taiwan)
(Los Angeles, United States)
(Central, Hong Kong)
(Los Angeles, United States)
(Hong Kong)
(Los Angeles, United States)
(Hong Kong)
(Los Angeles, United States)
(Hong Kong)
(Los Angeles, United States)
(Taipei, Taiwan)

Our DNS leak test was successful with VPNhub. NO DNS leaks were detected.


number of reasons why streaming is necessary for VPN users. The most obvious reason is that streaming allows users to watch their favorite shows and movies without having to worry about geo-restrictions. By using a VPN, users can bypass these restrictions and access content from anywhere in the world.

VPNs are also essential for streaming live sporting events and news. By using a VPN, users can avoid blackouts and access content that is normally restricted in their region. Additionally, VPNs offer a number of security features that are ideal for streaming content. For example, iTop VPN encrypt user data to protect against spying and throttling by ISPs. The service provider specifically specializes in offering access to any social media applications, including TikTok, WhatsApp, Skype, Instagram, etc. and unblocking videos, music and sites to bypass government censorship.

With iTop VPN, users can benefit from both streaming and gaming, with dedicated servers. The streaming platforms include, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, HBO Max, Paramount Plus, PUBG, LOL: Wild Rift and Free Fire.


We tested iTop VPN for Netflix streaming in the United States, United Kingdom, Japan and South Korea, however, it only works in the U.S. and South Korea, both with Ultra HD (4K) quality. In addition, the streaming buffer is only 3 seconds for each streaming, which is extremely efficient.

Netflix Streaming in Different Regions

Header LabeliTop VPN – LibraryiTop VPN – Streaming BufferiTop VPN – Streaming Quality
United StatesYes34K
United KingdomNo
Asia Pacific
South KoreaYes34K

We successfully unblocked the U.S. and South Korea libraries, while the UK and Japan were blocked.


Torrenting is a process of sharing large files between internet users. This process is often used to share movies, music, and software, as these types of files are typically too large to send through email or other online means. iTop VPN supports different torrenting platforms like uTorrent, BitTorrent,, Vuze, Deluge, and qBittorrent. BitTorrent client for instance, is a type of software that facilitates the sharing of files between users.

However, it is important to note that torrenting can also be used for illegal activities, such as downloading copyrighted material without permission. For this reason, it is important to use a Torrent client that includes security features, such as encryption, to protect your identity and data.

iTop VPN offers unlimited bandwidth and no throttling, with optimized VPN servers. In addition to easy-to-use apps, which make torrenting a breeze. iTop VPN is also supported by all major operating systems, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

Torrenting – BitTorrent

The BitTorrent client connects to a tracker, which is a server that helps coordinate the sharing of files between users. When you download a torrent file, your BitTorrent client will connect to the tracker and begin downloading the files from other users who have already downloaded them. As you download files, you will also be uploading them to other users. This process allows you to download files quickly and efficiently, as you are downloading them from multiple sources.

We used BitTorrent to download a 3.5 GB file, which had a download speed of 949 kb/s with 0.956 seeders. Thus, the download time was 51m, which is relatively lower than the industry average time of only 11 minutes, yet much better than many prominent VPNs. This data is demonstrated in the table below.

iTop VPN BitTorrent Test in Comparison with Other VPNs 

Header LabelFile SizeSeedersDownload SpeedTime
iTop VPN3.5 GB0.956949 kB/s51 min
Other VPNs1.85 GB0.8782.1 Mbps11 min

Torrenting – uTorrent

uTorrent is a torrent client that allows you to download files from the BitTorrent network. It has a simple user interface and many advanced features. uTorrent can be installed on Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.

This test was performed under the same conditions, using the same file size of 3.5 GB, with 0.8 seeders. The download speed was 509.2 kB/s, completed within 2h and 26m. This result was extremely disappointing, given the industry average of 22min.

iTop VPN uTorrent Test in Comparison with Other VPNs 

Header LabelFile SizeSeedersDownload SpeedTime
iTop VPN3.5 GB0.8509.2 kB/s2h 26m
Other VPNs1.85 GB0.2192.1 Mbps22 min

Browser Extension

iTop VPN has a browser extension for prominent and often used browsers that include:

  • Chrome
  • Edge
  • Safari
  • Opera
  • Firefox

Devices and Operating Systems

With a single subscription, users can use up to 5 devices simultaneously.

iTop VPN provides access to its VPN app in the following devices and operating systems:

  • Windows Computers
  • Mac desktops
  • iOS devices such as iPhones, iPads, and iPods with iOS 11.0 or later
  • Android phones and tablets


iTop VPN is compatible with different Smart TVs, such as those manufactured by Samsung, TCL, Sony, and LG, most of which potentially come with Google Store preinstalled, which makes it easy to set up VPN on. The installation can take place by following the steps below:

Step 1. Download the iTop VPN app.

Step 2. Choose the desired servers.

Step 3. Press Connect to access any content from your Smart TV that the server is compatible with.

Furthermore, setting up the VPN on Smart TV Hisense/Philips/Toshiba can be done through sharing the PC’s VPN via Wi-Fi, yet, the iTop VPN should be installed on the PC with the following steps:

Step 1. Turn on mobile hotspot through the PC network.

Step 2. Then run the iTop VPN connection on your PC, go to Status, press Change Adapter options, choose an adapter, then choose Properties.

Step 3. Press Sharing tab, then connect through your computer’s network. Press Ok to connect your Smart TV to the network.

Another option would be to install your VPN on a supported router, which will allow for VPN connection sharing to devices connected to the router, including your Smart TV. In the absence of a supported router, a virtual router can be a good substitute.


No, iTop VPN does not work in China for security reasons.


iTop VPN offers 5 different subscription plans:

One-month plan – $11.99 per month (Billed $11.99)

Six-months plan – $6.99 per month (Billed $41.99)

Twelve-months plan – $3.99 per month (Billed $47.99)

24-months plan – $2.31 per month (Billed $55.44)

36-months plan – $1.66 per month (Billed $59.99)

With all these paid for plans, users have access to all VPN services including:

  • 1800+ servers worldwide
  • Unlimited data & bandwidth
  • Streaming, gaming & social VIP servers
  • Extra browser privacy protection
  • Block ads, trackers & malware
  • Secure torrents downloading
  • Split tunneling connection
  • Static or dynamic IP


iTop VPN offers 40% discount for the six-months plan, making the payment $41.99 instead of $71.99. The one-year plan also offers a huge discount of 65%, making a total payment of $47.99 instead of $143.99. in addition, with an extra one year, the discount goes up to 95% costing $7.45 instead of $143.88. The two-year plan has 80% discount, billed at $55.44 instead of $287.76. Finally, the 36-months plan offers 86% discount, billed $59.99, instead of $431.64. iTop VPN also has a 15-day money-back guarantee.

Free Trial

iTop VPN provides a Free Trial to its users, but with very limited services. Users can only access 16 servers with the free trial, and use only 700MB data per day. There is also a 15-day money-back guarantee, which allows users to try the premium versions safely with the money-back guarantee.

Customer Service

iTop VPN only offers email for customer support services, which we tried contacting and discovered it is limited since we needed email to cancel the payment.

Header LabeliTop VPNIndustry AVG Difference
Connect to an Agencyemail only10 secondsN/A
Reply Speedemail only15 secondsN/A
Quality of the AnswerBadGreat

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